About MFG Day

Meet Your Manufacturing Mentor, October 23, 2018

Did you know?

  • Hamilton is going through exciting changes, and so is the manufacturing sector
  • Today, manufacturing offers well-paid jobs in a clean and safe environment
  • As the working population in Hamilton retires, there will be more jobs available, in the next ten years this will especially be true for manufacturing
  • You can start NOW to get the right skills needed for your future career in manufacturing!
  • In 2016 WPH held a successful MFGDAY event at Mohawk College, Stoney Creek campus that brought together advanced manufacturing employers and middle and high school students
  • Students had the chance to talk to employers about their future careers, try hands-on activities and have a tour of Mohawk College
  • In 2017 we celebrated Hamilton Manufacturing Week with a virtual event

Meet Your Manufacturing Mentor, October 23, 2018

  • This year’s event will introduce 60 high school students to manufacturing mentors
  • Keynote address by Jeremy Bout, Edge Factor
  • Speed mentoring with 12 manufacturing mentors with various roles in their companies

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